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The Resilience of ART in Wellness and Recovery

Updated: Aug 12, 2021


Art is a vast planet, or world, that once discovered, has the ability to become a tool of recovery and expression. We as "the artist", "the peer", "the friend" and many more titles that we share and grow into each day, are also the parts of our experience at My Voice Media that are celebrated in art as well as recovery.

We are proud to celebrate individuality, expression and each other because we know how to use these tools to persevere. We share how to use these tools through our free art sessions, our No Stigma Speaker's Bureau Session, our Peer Support Session, our Art and Wellness Session and Peer Recognition in our featured artists in the Peer Gallery.

Throughout the year we may continue to offer other activities when possible like installation projects, video projects, and participant appreciation days. Our Peer Art Gallery will follow us as we move to a new, temporary location. The Peer Art Gallery is a celebration and creative network of artists of My Voice Media Center who create art as a love for art, as a wellness tool, and as a pastime. Having created and begun understanding the art of keeping a portfolio of work, a peer is able to have My Voice Media Center feature some of their work in a blog, right here, as their techniques grow and thrive!

Recovery, Resilience and Wellness are a focus in sessions, and in our peer connections with art and each other. Facilitators work hard to help participants into a welcoming environment that is free for expression and well being. The response to art may be the most important thing in learning art, so many times the facilitator may use a reference, an art book, a how-to video, or even take participants on-site. As the art moves on day-to-day experiences help build an attitude of resilience and expression both in art and peer's recovery.

Happy art-making!

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