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The Photography Session, Practicing Technique

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The Photography session...a valuable session in the visual arts world. In learning the basics camera functions, and compositional guidelines, participants are able to start snapping photos and create valuable images with guidance from Michael. Michael has been with My Voice Media Center for years. He has his own experience in photography that broadens the creative experience that he is able to share with his session.

Participants are guided through their own experience and expression in Photography, learning shutter speed, aperture, and many more of the settings that a digital camera has. The guidance is important through the use of the camera body, the lens, and taking care of the equipment. Then the project. The projects are sometimes on-site watching a professional shoot, taking their own photos and managing a workspace on their own computer. Some projects are carefully produced by Michael, the facilitator, tailored to the needs of each participant.

My Voice Media Center is proud to be remembering all of the times that the Photography session has used the Lumberyard as a studio, Arts Consortium for sessions, and developed into such an amazing session altogether.

My Voice Media Center is focused on resilience, recovery and wellness for adults who have first or second hand mental health experiences.

A SPECIAL NOTE: Michael Alvarez, the facilitator for Photography for My Voice Media Center, will be having a presentation about photography at Tulare County Fair Sept 16th and 17th at 6:PM-7:30PM!

"Home Arts Activities"

Here is the link for Tulare county fair. (You need to scroll to almost the bottom).

Link for the lumberyard event


Thank you for being so awesome!

For those of you wondering about the Photography Session please call Hope at (559) 802-3266

WE, MVMC, can neither confirm nor deny that any individuals pictured on the website, family, associates, or other are current or former consumers of mental health services. Thank you!

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