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The NSSB Family is Growing!

Hello everyone! My Voice Media Center is growing and so is the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau.

The No Stigma Speakers Bureau is a support session of MVMC, where participants are able to practice and learn how to tell their own personal stories of mental health and success.

What it takes!

The No Stigma Speakers Bureau, or NSSB Session's participants practice writing their stories, reading their stories to another, and then editing the stories to tell to audiences all around Tulare County. Some of the requests for their stories come from Crisis Intervention Training, Health Care Courses, Clubs, Recovery Homes, and more!

Please watch our most recent video presentation on the Arts Consortium's YouTube Channel, at the June membership meeting:

We would like to thank Sheila, Anthony, and Susan for their continuous support of our NSSB sessions and presentations!

No Stigma Speakers Bureau Gallery:

Thank you to all who choose to tell your story to the public, these are impactful on communities, organizations, and many who seek to understand how to understand mental health. We must all work together to reduce the stigma of mental health and respect and stay well in our communities of friends, family, and elsewhere.

Join My Voice Media Center:

Please visit My Voice Media Center at the Arts Consortium, 808 N. Court St, in Visalia, CA to learn more about how you or someone you love can be a part of the NSSB session or other art sessions that we offer as a service to adults who have a lived experience in Mental Health and wish to stay on their path of wellness and recovery.

The enrollment form process is an easy process and everything is free of charge for our participants!


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