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The No Stigma Speakers Bureau, Educating the Public

Michael Jasso, a well known spoken word and poetry artist in Visalia, CA, came to present and facilitate writing to our No Stigma Speaker's Bureau this month. Participants who are serious about their writing were able to get the finest tips and editing instruction that will benefit their confidence and stories. The NSSB group at My Voice Media Center, Arts Consortium will be presenting to the Police Officers at a CIT Training (Correctional Officers in Training) again in March. MVMC presents to the officers every quarter, or four times/year.

The NSSB session prides themselves on becoming knowledgable on mental health and ways of writing about mental health. Having "No Stigma" in our community and all around us is an important way of life for many. They see how they have applied tools and services like My Voice Media Center in their lives and learn how to tell that story to the public.

We offer these peer stories, even our peer specialist's story to the public as a way to help the participant grow and project themselves as owners of their own story. This integration of success stories into the community help us grow and learn what may have worked and see firsthand the wellness and recovery inside of our community. We get to share how our organization, My Voice Media Center has been influential on our peer's journey to wellness and how we can continue to be a medium for their self-expression.

We offer the public a direct connection to the mental health community by helping to be a tool in the path to wellness and recovery for individuals.

We are currently looking for a community member, or organization looking to have the NSSB present to your organization.

If you are interested in learning more about the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau please email me, the project coordinator at Arts Consortium, My Voice Media Center:


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