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The Creative Process: An Update on ART and Music

At My Voice Media Center we aim to encourage creating, responding and connecting to wellness and recovery and expressing who each individual is. I would like to take a moment and celebrate some of the projects, work, and practice that participants are doing.


Participants are able to take a group guitar session on Tuesdays from 1-3PM. The session will be on Zoom for 2 weeks or until the heat wave is over. Ultimately, the session has been a very big success. Participants are met with a chance to learn from a self-taught guitarist who demonstrates an excellent patience and understanding of the guitar. He has taught many ages and different individuals, allowing his patience and important views to lead the way. He uses a curriculum that is consistent, encourages self-teaching, and helps participants learn music that means something to them.

Join peers and Thomas F. as they explore the musical journey guitar can make. Tuesdays from 1-3PM on ZOOM until further notice, please call us for a link (559)802-3266

2D and 3D Art

This session focuses on well-being and creating art projects that benefit in an emotional sense, or creative sense that benefits the participants overall. We have a focus on wellness and recovery throughout My Voice Media and thrive to let participants express themselves and create. In this session Olivia, who is also our Peer Support specialist creates special projects for the groups.

On of the successful projects at 2D and 3D Art is a project entitled "Peeling Back the Layers". In this project peers use tape to cover a canvas, paint and remove the tape carefully to reveal the artwork. Layers can be made by reapplying paint or tape as needed. Participants are guided to create a work that is inspired by how they feel in and outside of emotional strengths. We can "peel back the layers" of tape to see what we can work on, what we may be good at and what we can use to build upon. The paint is significant to add more layers of emotional strengths and colors can represent emotion as well.

Stay tuned for the next exciting session of 2D and 3D Art!

The Creative Process

What is the Creative Process? In all things usually, there is a system, a way in which steps are carried out, and a particular procedure that the norm is carried out to make things work, to work in the world and to "make" things. In operating, creating, and finding the right system of the way things work for an individual can be just as precise. We have our likes, our dislikes, and many other aspects to our personalities that make up who we are. What we express through our art is connected to this system of the way we learn and do things.

In creating the works of art and music that we do we are deepening our understanding of how things work, how we want them to work and how we can create using them. The tools are in the expression, the things, or ideas we take from our learned experience in the art sessions that we attend, the research that we do and the inspired mind that is bound to return when we do.

In being inspired and expressing the need to understand and gain knowledge, peers begins to understand who they want to be as an artist, musician and invite the creative process to become a part of their journey.

There are five steps to the creative process: 1. Preparation, 2. Incubation, 3. Insight and 4. Evaluation, according to James Taylor, a keynote speaker.

Preparation: In this stage and step the individual understands that they have an eagerness in learning the technique. The eagerness will lead to practice and practice leads to a process.

2. Incubation: In this stage of the creative process the individual was able to retain information on the process, practice it and reflect in some way either verbally, or in writing, as in notes.

3. Insight: In this stage the learner is aware of the process enough to help another peer with their work, lend an ear and speak about their project.

4. Evaluation: This is the final stage the creative process gives an individual. This stage involves preparing for and finishing a work for display in a peer gallery.

5. Elaboration: In this side of the Creative process an individual has already practiced skills and techniques required to master a task. Now the individual has prepared the work for show and can make plans to communicate, connect and respond, to that process again and again, perfecting the process, changing the process and expressing themselves a little easier each time.

We invite you to become involved in staying in touch with your well-being through the Creative Process and join an art session at My Voice Media Center!

Thank you for reading "THE BLOG"!

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