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The Color Psychology of BLUE

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Into our theme of "July Night Skies", I encourage the participant, the newcomer and the inquisitive to take a look at Color Psychology. A part of Color theory learned in many art schools and courses, color psychology is a way for an artist to carefully handpick, mix and apply color to their work. Whether it be in video editing, photography and many times in music we hear and see connotations of artistic language. The communication is key in creating art I once heard a facilitator of Pastels say.

"It is about what you want to communicate with your art," she said.


What can you say about the color blue? It has a range going from a light hue to a dark hue. It is one of the primary colors. It may create moods of calmness, like the sound of water. It can be a part of the sunset or sunrise in part with rainbow-like colors, creating contrast, depth and a perfect time of day.

Associated with all of these aspects, even the night sky, the color blue has also had it's share of sad, emotional connotations as well. It, by any other name, would not be "Blue" so to speak. We use this term to signify that a person is sad, or even lonely.

What about the Psychology of Blue in Art Expression?

Many cultures and generations have their own vision of the color blue. It may signify, or be part of a design, or artistic technique used through generations. It can have spiritual properties and rely on the inspired eye to depict it's true meaning in a work of art.

What are some artists who like to express blue or night skies?

My Modern Met wrote a great article on the history of the color blue: The History of the Color Blue: From Ancient Egypt to New Discoveries (

Movies clips filmed at night, or with a blue theme?

While researching for this blog I found out that people are more productive in a blue room. Men prefer blue.

You can keep your eye out for movies that have a lot of blue. You can theme one of your own clips too, to blue and/or the night sky in July. The fireworks are coming up and it's time to set the tripod up and get some footage, clips, and photos.

These all can be edited in one of our session, please see the calendar and talk to a staff member about joining in the editing process. This process is important to the artist. The fine tuning of all art, including music does not happen all in one day. Once you are finished though, there is a great feeling that comes along with knowing that you have accomplished something wonderful.

My Voice Media Center is a place to help you build those tools of expression and fine tuning, so that you can also share them with your peers.

Songs about night or "blue"?

Many times "blue" can signify that a person is sad, lonely, or "in a mellow mood" like, "the blues". Jazz and the Blues are a specific type of music enveloped in this mood and feeling, often times associated with bright colors and the words "the blues" are mentioned.

We can write songs to describe how we feel, how life makes us "blue" and we can use blue to describe the color of the sky. "Blue skies" can indicate a person is happy and doing well. It can represent that a person is overall doing great and their outlook is very inspirational. When we look up at a blue sky sometimes we feel inspired and free.

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