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The Art of Celebrating our Wellness

IN celebrating our recovery, our wellness, and our resilience. We as a whole, love to celebrate! WE love to celebrate life and art, and creating. WE are all individuals with different loves and aspirations, though, so how can we all celebrate these together?

"What is art if it not a celebration of life?" -Unknown

Below is a special gallery, highlighting participants and faculty as they grow and thrive in art and in My Voice Media Center's walls. We offer a safe and welcoming environment so that we can help each other as peers encompass artistic expression. In finding artistic expression for each individual is a separate journey to the next. My Voice Media Center celebrates it's room to grow and become a part of each participant's life, recovery and living well.

Here are a few participant's journey's:

Video Editing (Susan)

Acrylics (Eva)

Photography, 2D and 3D Art, Photography (Joe)

2D and 3D Art, Printmaking, Video Editing, Guitar, NSSB (Sheila)

2D and 3D Art, Guitar, Pastels, Printmaking, Video Editing, Photography (Nelson)

Here are a few facilitator's journey's:

Rebecca (Pastels and Acrylics)

Olivia (2D and 3D Art, Peer Support, NSSB)

Francisco (Printmaking)

Ampelio (Executive Director)

Phet (Photo Editing and Video Editing)

NOTE: if you would like yourself featured in this gallery, please contact Hope at (559)802-3266, Arts Consortium, My Voice Media Center

We can neither confirm nor deny that individuals pictured on this website, their family, or associates are current or former consumers of mental health services

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