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The 2022 Tulare County Museum Jamboree

Hello all! I am excited to let you all know that My Voice Media Center was a part of this year's returning Tulare County Museum's Jamboree at the Tulare County Historical Society's Museum located at Mooney's Grove Park. Olivia, our Peer Support Specialist and Hope our Program Coordinator had an informative booth at the event.

Participants enjoy free mini-golf at a new organization that "brings the course to you!"

This organization is new in Tulare County and they will bring a mini golf course to your event.

Kings County Historical Society NEEDS YOUR HELP!

We also talked to the Kings County Historical Society who need your HELP! They are looking for people to help support this organization. They said they have amazing stories, artifacts, but not enough to keep going. They need a building, a place to work. As of now they work out of a church located in Hanford, CA. They have an amazing staff who are willing to do the work, write the history and share it with the public!

Monday, April 25th, 2022 at 6:30 PM at 14060 Hackett Street in Hanford, CA the organization will be presenting a special presentation "No Trail to Follow - The First Wagon Party in CAlifornia, 1841" written and hosted by the author Michael E. LaSalle.

Please visit, promote and help support KCHS: Become a member

14060 Hackett Street

PO Box 564

Hanford, CA 93292

Visit their FACEBOOK Page at:(13) Kings County Historical Society CA | Facebook;

Tulare County's museums and museums all over the world have become a successful business organization because of the giving patrons like you!


Please contact the Tulare County Historical Society for more information and for future events:


Contact Hope or Olivia at (559)772-0001 or email us at

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