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Thank you to Video Editing!

Thank you to Phet Kamsaysoury for a beautiful and creative MHAM video and First Friday event!

Phet Kamsaysoury and the video editing session created the MHAM Video 2021, IN IT TOGETHER.

Video editing is such a huge part of My Voice Media Center. We would like to thank all of you, facilitator and participants for all of the hard work that goes into video editing. Video Editing has helped many participants find a talent that they may not have know was there. It is a technical side of movies and video, but no less important. The editing part of video is sometimes considered the most vital part of "shooting".

We encourage participants who enjoy photography, enjoy shooting with video and have a special interest with editing moving pictures to take this session and build their skills. We have worked with Phet Kamsoaysoury for some time, editing videos such as the MHAM 2021 video, recently published on our FACEBOOK page and the First Friday Video on

Phet works patiently with participants creating a seamless video with participants. Participants are able to visualize their goals and create using programs that are professional and help participants understand the media, the software, and their own personal workspace in editing.

The response that video editing can provide for participants is emotionally beneficial to building skills.

All in all, My Voice Media Center is proud of the work you all do! We know how much time and effort went into getting the installation 2021 finished along with the video MHAM 2021 for May, mental health month.

Congratulations on being such a big part of My Voice Media Center and each other's lives, creating and responding to art is a great part of recovery!

Thank you: Phet, Susan, JC, Vicki, Nelson, Donna, Sheila and any new-comers to video editing!

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