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Thank You John!

My Voice Media Center is home to a few volunteers. Most of our volunteers are from Community Services Employment Training or CSET. This opportunity is a special one. The volunteers work and complete chores for a reward. This helps those who are well on their way to applying for a job in the community. The CSET volunteer is able to see how a real job would work, learn new skills, and develop a routine that is good practice. It is a great experience for us all.

Our volunteers are also able to easily become participants and join sessions. These sessions also allow the volunteer a break and are a great way for them to learn even more skills and techniques in the art world.


My Voice Media Center thanks John for all of his help in keeping the center nice and clean. John has been with us for a little less than a year. He is a CSET volunteer and a hard worker. John has taken a few sessions but he says that his favorite is Photo Editing, with Phet Kamsaysoury. When asked what he liked about it he stated that he likes learning on the computer. John went with MVMC on the South Valley Art Tour this year he says that his favorite stop was looking at all the paintings. The MVMC thanks John for all his help and hopes he continues to enjoy art and be an active member of the My Voice Media Center.


As participants of our My Voice Media Center Project, there is a lot of opportunity to help clean, tidy, and do other activities. Volunteers help with special events, they help facilitators with their projects, and they help us maintain a great art room for making art!

By completing tasks and chores at all levels of expertise, the volunteer is building a rapport and practicing job-ready skills.

John (from the top, then left to right): Christmas Party with CSET Volunteers, South Vally Art Tour with Arts Consortium

Thank you, JOHN!




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