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Thank you 2D/3D Art Session!

Thank you to 2D/3D Art for Participating in the Installation 2021



In 2021, we have seen a lot of Firsts for My Voice Media Center. We have seen a Peer Art Gallery in the Arts Consortium for the first time, we have created a committee of participants for an installation project for the first time, and we have created a show for the First Friday event held by Arts Consortium.

We are very proud to say that the participation, despite COVID-19 restrictions has been that of dedication and strength from our participants. We would like to also recognize Olivia for her 2D/3D Art Session and her involvement with the first Installation project of My Voice media Center.

We created most of the elements of design and parts of the installation, "Our World, Our Perspective", in 2D/3D Art Sessions.

In the installation, that was chosen by our committee on Zoom Check-Ins, we determined the title by careful vote. After which the chosen committee was to determine the main subject of the artwork. Over several Zoom Session the final subject was finalized to be Umbrellas, having met and read an article from...Home | | Art History Stories.

Many of us in the check-ins have discovered the capability of being able to look up an article and read about a particular subject in art and discuss within our framework of check-in and wellness. The connections that we have made between art and our recovery is astounding. We enjoy sharing the art via share-screen to discuss.

In discussing meaning of the title, "Our World, Our Perspective", we carefully decided that umbrellas could be a wonderful illustration and 3D artifact of real-life differences between us all if they were hanging upside down and right side up. The connection in creating the installation's main subject of umbrellas and the title was to show the reality that we are all different as people, so umbrellas can hang upside down and right side up.

2D and 3D Art decided to help with the basic projects that would go into the installation. Olivia, the facilitator for 2D/3D Art agreed to help us with the three main projects that came to be.

What else does the installation need?

We encouraged participants to explore the meaning of the umbrellas and create 2 other projects to connect to the meaning of the project as a whole. The installation also included raindrops and flowers. The main project was the umbrellas. All project were made in the 2d/3D Art session held with Olivia, My Voice Media Center's Facilitator.

The Flowers:

Flowers signify friendship, the friendship within the unique parts of each individual.

Flowers that could be easily made with tissue paper were made and hung with the umbrellas to signify friendship throughout it all, throughout our ever changing and encouraged differences. One of the committee members, Sheila was dedicated to finding a way to make flowers easily and over the Zoom platform during the second shutdown of Covid-19. The design and technique that she came up with allowed her to make many flowers and bring them to us periodically as My Voice Media Center began a collection of items to be constructed altogether.

The Raindrops:

The raindrops come along with the weather, but we are strong (the umbrellas) and will be there.

The raindrops were made from an easy format developed by our 2D/3D Art Session with Olivia. She took crinkled up newsprint paper, and "blue" tape, a special kind of painting tape, and created a style that created works of art unique to each participant. This unique design and outcome supported the title of the work, "Our World, Our Perspective".

The Umbrellas

The main project, or the focus of the installation project was umbrellas. The development of the subject took some time over Zoom meetings and word of mouth. Through the shutdown we discussed and made notes within the committee via the Zoom Check-In.

The committee decided that the installation would need a structure and for he umbrellas to be decorated or painted by each individual separately, but a selection of materials would be chosen. Just as we were planning to complete the last project over Zoom, the admittance of participants back into Arts Consortium was approved for 10 people outside.

Many participants we very happy to see each other again, in-person and 2D/3D Art session was off to a great start with the Umbrella Project. The umbrellas were all taken outside along with acrylic paints, brushes and water. Each participant had the opportunity to paint more than one umbrella. Each design and approach to the umbrella was bound to be completely unique to that individual.

Staff members also created umbrellas, and one volunteer also joined in the fun.


We would like to formally thank Olivia and all of her hard-work in getting these projects done, helping with the construction of the first Installation project at My Voice Media Center, 2021-"Our World, Our Perspective". Thank you for being such a great guide and facilitator!

We are so thankful for you!

-My Voice Media Center

Notes: The Installation is now complete and the interactive properties are meant for portraits under the umbrellas during the Photography session on Thursdays from 10-12pm! Please call for an appointment with the Photography facilitator.

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