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"Taste the Arts" in October

Every year, Garden street is filled with people, artists, community members, pets, crafts, food, vendors, live music, and performances. This year it just keeps getting better...Taste the Arts with Arts Consortium is continuing its regularly scheduled programs throughout the day on October 14, 2023.

The booths are fun and filled with art from artists all over Tulare County. The art varies from ceramics, photography, to jewelry and much, much more. We encourage all of you to visit the My Voice Media Center and Visalia Wellness Center's collaborative booth, "Coffee and Art"!


We encourage all participants to continue volunteering each year for this event. It is a great opportunity to see other artists and how they work. The experience also helps the vendors, artists, and people to find their way throughout the event, clean up and have a great time!

To volunteer please use the form above and make sure you fill it out completely for scheduling purposes. Meet at one of the information booths and wait for "Hope" the Volunteer Coordinator for Taste the Arts.

Artist Booths

For more information on how to obtain a booth for Taste the Arts please visit the Arts Consortium Website at:

OR please visit the Taste the Arts information page at:

Photography (Above): My Voice Media Center, James Stark



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