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Taste the Arts Event by Arts Consortium

Hello everyone! I hope you had a chance to make it to the Taste the Arts Event that was held and is usually always held on or about October 15th, this year. This year's even was a fantastic hit and the even itself "keeps getting better every year" (the public). The event is held for one day 10AM-5PM with more than 100 tents lined along Garden Street in Visalia, CA.

All the way from Main St. to School St., Artists, Food Vendors and Events were happening all day.

My favorite was the strawberry lemonade down the st.

Pictures from the "Coffee and Art" booth:

Halonnah kay and Olivia Garza at the Coffee and Art booth

The Visalia Wellness Center and My Voice Media Center joined forces for the "Coffee and Art booth #219:

Yelitza Perez and Luz Budolla from the Visalia Wellness Center

Yelitza Perez and Luz Budolla from the Visalia Wellness Center, Olivia Garza from My Voice Media Center (middle)

The Photography, Photo and Video Editing Sessions with Phet Kamsaysoury, Facilitator for My Voice Media Center; from left - Judy, Phet, Norm, Sheila, Susan, Cathy, Florentino

Bronson Combs, Drawing Facilitator at My Voice Media Center, Kathy, Ed Reveles

Kathy, Bronson Combs, Halonnah Kay, Jamie, Thomas Fetch - Guitar Facilitator for My Voice Media Center

Halonnah Kay - Project Coordinator for My Voice Media Center (Arts Consortium), Kathy

I hope you were able to come to this great event that happens each year about October 15th, on a Saturday.

We invite the public to volunteer and help out their local community and it's flourishing artists. Look for the form posted on social media next year!

Thank you to all those volunteers we had this year. You did an amazing job - I can't wait for next year!

Thank to : My Voice Media Center Participants, Jim Koontz, Pine Recovery, the Visalia Wellness Center - Yelitza Perez and Luz Budolla, Phet Kamsaysoury, Thomas Fetch, Mary Jo Eastes, Michael Kreps, Ed Reveles and Jay Shultz.


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