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Support Animals at MVMC

Many people enjoy the comfort of having a support animal with them. Companionship has been one of the key factors for many people's recovery and wellness for years. As the companionships grow, so do the acceptance of these animals, in business places all over.

What kind of pet do you have?

I asked around and the most common pets for emotional support animals is a cat or a dog. The most common pet that I have seen people take with them to the store and other places is a dog. That doesn't mean that people don't have the most exotic and wild creatures for emotional support. There are birds, lizards, and many more that people have become friends with...

At My Voice Media Center we enjoy participants and staff and even visitors who have a support animal with them, but please make sure they are on a leash, thank you.

The celebration and appreciation of one of these animals who are dedicated to being our friends, our dogs, is recognized tomorrow by the nation tomorrow - as

National Today blogs, it is National Spoil you Dog Day...(National Spoil Your Dog Day ( tomorrow!

There are also other holidays for your dog and other pets this month...such as...

World Lizard Day ... August 14th

Give a Dog a Bone Week ... August 21st

National Dog Day ... August 26th


My Voice Media Center...

Introducing Sneakers....

Sneakers is as famous as Picasso around MVMC and continues to be a snuggly bear. He is a famous writer, who was published in the 2020 Watermark Magazine by the Arts Consortium and is well known as "Little Picasso" in his bourré hat. He is known by a select few as, Mr. Artastic.

Introducing NELLIE!

Nellie is the cutest! That's what I always say. She is kind and loves her mama.

She is dedicated, sweet, loves her treats and also the color pink!

Introducing Saffy!

Saffy is a sweet dog who loves Cherie. I met her at MVMC for the first time when I was a facilitator.

Our animals in our ART...

Looking into having an animal friend? Try out registering your pet as an emotional support animal at: Register Your Emotional Support Animal Online | US Service Animals

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

Looking for answers as to explain how important an emotional support animal can be, I came across a site that explained the benefits of having an Emotional support Animal:

"Some of the other benefits that emotional support animals may provide include:

Less anxiety. Simply petting an animal can create a relaxation response and elevate mood.

Trauma support. Pets can provide comfort to people who are dealing with difficult situations, including those who have experienced some type of trauma.

Improved physical health. Studies have found that emotional support animals help to lower blood pressure, decrease respiration rates, and improve the ability to cope with pain.

Fewer feelings of loneliness. Animals can provide companionship, which is especially important for people who live alone and experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Reciprocal care and love. Caring for an emotional support animal can also help give people a sense of purpose. Not only do animals provide unconditional love and companionship, but they also require care and love in return, which can be emotionally rewarding." (What Is an Emotional Support Animal? (


I would like to thank all of our support animals. They work hard just like you and I and I see them join in the wellness of each session when they are here. I encourage you to celebrate them and share them with others, as well.

My Voice media Welcomes your pet, but please make sure they have a leash, thank you!!!





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