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Sunshine, Bubblegum and Water

What do sunshine, bubblegum and water have in common? These are things that we are celebrating and recognizing as themes throughout June.

Sunshine is for the coming summer that is upon us as the weather gets warmer, bubble gum is the month of June's themed color and water will be the theme in the session "Art and Feelings" with Merry Miller-Gass.

Sunshine and Rebirth

Sunshine and Rebirth is also the name given to My Voice Media Center's second online gallery that you can join virtually and take a look at highlighted work. This gallery was celebrating work made by participants and the gallery that was designed by our intern Sally Aswald last year.

You can still see the show anytime and join with a virtual avatar! You can also join with your friends!


"Be You in June!"

You can have your cheeriest bubble gum to help pass the time this Summer! Chew some by the water, by the pool, or in your favorite spot.

Speaking of WATER...

The Art and Feelings session's theme for June is "water". Explore how water makes you feel and how it's flowing motion is a representation of mental health. Flowing water like flowing emotions, or train-of-thought, helps us contemplate and keep an open mind in life.

Mike; Art and Feelings; June 2023

Joe; Art and Feelings; June 2023

Merry Miller-Gass; Arts and Feeling's Facilitator; June 2023

Enjoy the warm weather and be safe!




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