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As we tough it through the last parts of winter, winter rain and look forward to sunnier days, like the days of the sunflowers, we are encouraged to think like a sunflower.

In the 2D and 3D Art session on Thursday from 12-2 pm, Olivia Garza takes us on a journey into the world of the sunflowers.

She created a lesson that explores how to make your giant sunflower from colored paper, glue, and a circle.

Today Hope Kay finished the lesson and added to the exploration of the sunflower, what types of concentric circles in our lives can we find?

The sunflowers are built with one large circle of petals and then a smaller one, and a smaller one, and a smaller one, until you reach the center.

What do these circles and layers represent she asked?

Some agreed that they could represent emotions and that we put our emotions into our art sometimes as a way to de-stress, to relax. Some just like creating art as a joyful experience. This joy that we are creating sometimes overflows and goes into our art, into our lives and we realize that we can easily find joy in making art, or in our lives.

One participant responded that sometimes other people's emotions go into the art and then they can see that emotion, the emotions we put into our art when the masterpiece is finished.

Although some of the participants aren't quite finished, we would like to share some of our bright sunflowers with you!


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