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Springtime in Royal Green

There may be a lot of moments this coming spring to enhance your mental health and be inspired by nature, food, and much more!

There is a lot of nature all around us in the Springtime! So, how are we going to handle it? For some, springtime is full of enjoying flowers in Photography, or painting and drawing a scene from a mountain. There is a lot of life and new beginnings in the midst of Spring.

Photo Editing Session 2022

For some, we tend to look for more ways to enjoy and enhance our Springtime connections. This can be a visit to see fields of flowers, as many do here in Tulare County. We can also look to our mental health toolbox for ways to see and experience the Springtime pleasures.

Things to do This Spring:

This Spring I encourage everyone to empower yourselves to complete a goal that you will be proud of.

Paint a Masterpiece with Royal Green and make Majestic art!

From the "Daily Art Magazine" site online, the artist Bartolomeo Veneto is included in an article talking about the High Renaissance and the Majestic Green he used in his painting, "Portrait of a Lady in A Green Dress", 1530. The artist, to this date, only has 30 of the paintings still in existence today, but they are filled with rich color and majesty.

(Bartolomeo Veneto, Portrait of a Lady in a Green Dress, 1530, oil on panel, 85.9 x 67.6 cm (33-7/8 x 26-5/8 in.), Putnam Foundation, Timken Museum of Art. Daily Art Magazine)

Visit a Virtual Gallery: This one is a mixture of 3D Digital Art and Video...

Some of MVMC's sessions focus on media and the digital arts. The artist below was found on Behance a product of Adobe Creative Cloud.

From an Article:

In an article by "HealthKart" paying attention to the way we experience Spring is very important. Our mental health is important in this changing stage of the year. HealthKart said: "Springtime has always been glorified among poets and romanticists. and media as a time for rejuvenation and having fun. But what if you don’t want to? What if you feel anxious making plans and the seasonal depression is taking a deadly grip on you?" It is important to recognize triggers and how we feel during this time.

The article continues to outline different types of mental illnesses that can be affected at this time and gives us some creative ways to deal with our struggles. All of these can be helpful in the art you make and the time spent with your creative mind.

1. We can focus on our mental hygiene, reading books, and diving into research. Making goals for yourself can help you stay organized.

2. Fresh fruit and vegetables are great this time of year. Have a picnic and take your sketchbook with you!

3. Do something for someone else. Make them a bouquet from your garden or bring them some fresh tomatoes. Doing something for someone else can help you feel good about yourself.

Photography by Susan in the Video Editing Session; Taste the Arts 2022

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