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South Valley Art Tour

Each year...Arts Consortium presents the South Valley Art Tour to Tulare County. People from all over the Northern Region of Tulare County created wonderful venues right out of their homes, their backyards, and the spaces of their galleries to share this incredible art with you. The most interesting and spectacular show of art and art galleries around.

This show is special because you not only get to meet and talk with the artist and see their work close-up, but you get to see some of where the magic happens, their gallery!

Photography from My Voice Media Participant, Susan:

The Arts Consortium welcomes the artists once per year to show their work right out of their homes, or studios. Sometimes you can even catch one of the artists making work. the tour is usually held in March and you can sign up at as the time nears for the tour.

(If you are an artist please contact the Arts Consortium at

My Voice Media Center provided a free van trip through as many artist's booths as we could fit into one day. We traveled a total of 46 miles to visit the studios.

Pictured Above in no particular order:

Francisco Alonso at the College of the Sequoias, Printmaking

Amie and Matthew Rangel's, Drawing, Printmaking, Mixed Media and Lithography

David Daniels, Woodworker

Nate Norman, Spray Paint Artist

The Tulare Historical Museum featuring "Valifornia"

Manual Abad, Oil Painting

Betty Berk, Expressionist Oil Painting

Come see what Art Consortium does next year for the South Valley Art Tour at

Visit us at My Voice Media Center at:

Thank you, Susan for the beautiful images!

Other Photography:


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