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Sally, Our Graphics Design Intern

Sally has graciously agreed to be our intern for some time. She interns from Sessions College for Professional Design.

Projects include a new virtual gallery for My Voice Media Center, new and improved graphics designs for each session, including participant artwork, and much more!

Graphics for Sessions...

Scroll through the images to see My Voice Media Center's Session.

Interview with Sally Awaldi:

What is the main reason you chose Graphic Design as a career?

Since my childhood, my hobby has been drawing. I love art, and my favorite medium is oil painting. I used to paint many landscapes and portraits, Also I like to draw many cartoon characters. I developed this hobby and became an artist who displays my work in a group gallery. Also, my background is in programming computers, as I studied programming computers, so the computer is my thing. When I decided to collect these, my favorite in one career, I found graphic design as a career is a good choice. I also love to be creative and solve problems, which is a very interesting and challenging career. Tell me a little bit about your school. Sessions College is where I earned my Associate degree in Graphic Design and am on my way to finishing my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Sessions College for Professional Design is an online college with programs such as Undergraduate Certificates, Associate Degrees, and Bachelor's Degrees, Also has different majors such as Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Photography, Web Design, Digital Media, and Advertising Design. Home Page ( What are some of the programs you use and what are your favorites? I use different programs for my design career: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Express. I also can use Canva. My favorite program is Adobe Illustrator, where I can do my favorite hobby drawing, and Adobe Express, where I can do different designs anywhere, any time. What is the best thing you ever designed? Who was it for and why is it your favorite? I enjoyed all the projects I designed, and in my opinion, they are all my best; with every project I start, I learn something new, and I like when I succeed in reaching my project's goal. I worked on different project designs such as logos, magazines layout, cover books, posters, flyers, and packaging designs, Also, I like to design posts for social media for a marketing campaigns. I always try my best in each project design because it helps me to become better at what I am doing. Below is my online portfolio, which has some of my design work. Sally ALAWADI ( What are some of the pros of becoming a Graphics Designer? Graphic design is a job you can work from anywhere if you are a freelance graphic designer. Also, you will always learn as you add new skills and learn more about new programs, technologies, and trends. It is a challenging career; the designer is a problem solver, which you can find in each new project, and you have to be creative and brainstorm to solve this problem that helps stretch your brain muscles. I also love for people to see my design work, so I feel that my design work will make a difference and help shape the communities.

She is an important part of My Voice and we would like to thank her so much for her work!




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