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Refresh Your Goals Day

Today marks an important day. According to, Refresh Your Goals Day, today, "is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and focus on your personal goals.

In the air of springtime and spring cleaning, we are filled with the notions to clean, reorganize and set new goals for the coming summer months! We can also focus on Health and Wellness goals today!

The Greeks, some 4,000 years ago the article says, concentrated on goal setting as a priority in their culture. This method can lead to a fulfilling and successful life they believed.

How one member of the Arts Consortium and a Facilitator made our installation beautiful this year!


Betty Berk, an artist with Arts Consortium's South Valley Art Tour this year, donated a beautiful painting to the My Voice Media Center. MVMC put the painting above the colorful installation painted in the hallway. The birds were paper mache and painted in the Art and Feelings session. This session is conducted by a very talented and fun individual. She is an accomplished illustrator and we are glad to have her!

Other Tools:

With the help of mindfulness tools, peer support, and our facilitators we provide an opportunity for us to look into goals we should have with our art, our social behavior, and also our wellness. Some of the mindfulness tools explored this month are peer support WRAP plans, and a handout from "Take Action For Mental Health". The handout is called, "Your Mental Wellness Plan and can be picked up at My Voice Media Center for you to explore!

The plan includes a way for you to create a Mental Wellness Plan that is supportive and sensitive to

self-care and is designed by you.

Visit "Take Action": CLICK HERE

What are some ways to focus on health and wellness at My Voice?

Peer Support

Art Sessions: Art and Feelings, Drawing, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Painting, Printmaking

The No Stigma Speakers Bureau

Events and Opportunities:

"Fun in the Sun" - a participant appreciation day, April 21st from 12-2 PM

Mental Health Awareness Month, Art Market and Music by MVMC, F1rst Friday, May 5th - 5-8 PM


See another blog about goal-setting! CLICK HERE



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