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Recognizing Participants!

Everyone enjoys the festivities and activities at My Voice Media Center. We pride ourselves on enjoying ourselves, having a safe time, and making art every week. It is special, though when. a peer or even staff member is able to be productive and successful in accomplishing a project for presentation, for a gallery, and for other opportunities as an artist.

There are many opportunities for your work to get out there and participants are eager to share it!

Sheila A.

One of our most recent opportunities came up for a participant who has been working very hard in printmaking over the past year. After winning the t-shirt contest for the second time, she made t-shirts for the No Stigma Speakers Bureau and t-shirts for My Voice Media Center. One of those t-shirts was raffled off at a Crisis Intervention Training, where an officer visiting our building was able to take one home.

The work was saved as a digital file and was recently been added to the cover of the Tulare County Mental Health Board Annual Report - 2022, which will be submitted at their next meeting. Approval for these meetings and other mental health board information can be found at: Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency

Olivia's Sessions

Olivia, also My Voice Media Center's Peer Support Specialist, who has been certified with Tulare County as a Peer Support Specialist, has the most amazing, fun, interactive, and friendly sessions! her session is recognized as the largest of MVMC's 11 running sessions.

Why is her session the biggest? Olivia really cares about the well-being of the participants, and their safety and is aware of the status of the participants by being a peer support specialist.

She is able to stay in contact with the participant during the week and check in with them from time to time. She helps participants in her session feel welcome and engaged with the project and chooses simple, fun, and expressive projects. The most popular projects are the "Stress Relief Project" and the "Drip Pour". She recently had a Drip Pour this past Thursday.

Come to visit Olivia to talk about mental health, or join one of her sessions!

Nelson M. Recognized by Arts Consortium as "Breakout Artist of the Year" 2022

Arts Consortium's Magazine 2022

Pick up your free copy of Arts Consortium's, Tulare County's designated Arts Council's magazine, today!

Today Nelson has participated in all of MVMC's sessions. He began coming to MVMC. as a way to express himself through the arts and has searched for art forms that create mental well-being. He has begun to become more conscientious about the art and the subject matter itself over the years, talking about how the art makes him feel and how he likes to create.

Nelson has also created his own website, YouTube, and Twitter site.

Click HERE to visit his website!


Thank you to all of our participants and the work you put in every day to better yourselves, and your wellness. Exploring the art of self-expression is no easy task and we would like to appreciate you all for the joy you bring to our project, My Voice Media Center!


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