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Printmaking in March

It is well know at My Voice Media Center that printmaking is one of our traditional art sessions. the session is conducted by our facilitator, Francisco Alonso, who also teaches at College of the Sequoias.

The session is offered free to our participants and the skills they learn are amazing!

Peer Art Gallery:

Nelson; Peer Artist; March 2022; Printmaking session with Francisco Alonso; WED 12-2PM

The ideas in printmaking are surrounded in turning a solid block of wood or metal, or block-like art materials into a printing tool. The special printing block, or tool is then used over and over, making several prints of the same thing, like a book, or illustrations for a book. The image above was made from a simple clip art design from

Participants have been encouraged to attend to learn the traditional process of transferring a carved block with ink onto paper. One of our participant who has won the t-shirt contest 2 years in a row, decided to create t-shirts with her woodblock print and practice the art of "screen printing", a type of printmaking.
The process involves making a set of special screens held in a wooden frame. Each one is covered in a certain color of ink and layer one on top of the other until the final print is complete.

Here is the Peer Art Gallery:

Sheila; Peer Artist; Feb-Mar 2022; Printmaking with Francisco Alonso; WED 12-2PM

A special thanks to Francisco Alonso, the facilitator for the Printmaking session. Beyond his work and other positions like being a professor at College of the Sequoias, he dedicates a part of his week to My Voice Media Center and is loved by all of our participants and staff as an established artist and our facilitator.
We encourage anyone interested in this traditional fine art technique to give us a call, enroll at My Voice Media Center or visit us to pick up a calendar and a flyer.

Thank you everyone!


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