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Positivity in Sharing for the Bi-Annual Art Show

There are many reasons that artists share their work. In a class, session, or workshop, this may be required. The share may be on your own website, video, or with members of our art group sessions. Wherever you are sharing your work the positive possibilities are endless for YOU and YOUR ART. Ideas like Constructive criticism and the Feldman Model of Critique come to mind.

Feldman’s Model of Art Criticism From the work of Edmund Burke Feldman, available in many of his books from the late 1060’s and early 70’s


Make a list of the visual qualities of the work that are obvious and immediately perceived.

Ask ...“What do you see in the artwork”? and “What else”? Includes content and subject matter in representational works, includes abstract elements in nonrepresentational pieces.


Focus on the formal aspects of elements of art, principles of design, and other formal considerations: exaggeration, composition etc. “How does the artist create a center of interest?” How does the use of color impact the painting?”


Propose ideas for possible meaning based on evidence. Viewers project their emotions/feelings/intentions onto the work. “What do you think it means”? “What was the artist trying to communicate”? “What clues do you see that support your ideas”?


Discuss the overall strengths/success/merit of the work. This step is usually used with mature audiences.

In this series of ways to communicate what you see, feel, hear, could touch, and well, maybe not smell, but your senses are being used to realize EXACTLY what the art is made up of, what is the subject matter, is, is there a story to be told? Has the artist told their story? What is it about the artwork that you can positively give feedback on, POSITIVELY!

I think we all have a story to be told.

Here is a list of REASONS to Share and Communicate your Art:

1. To Share with others

2. Creative Critiques and FEEDBACK

3. Let others see your UNIQUENESS

4. Take PRIDE in your work

5. Write about it.-Discuss the Elements and Principles

6. To STUDY your work

7. Let others STUDY your work

8. Be YOURSELF and...


10. EXPRESSION, ART that is meaningful to you and who you are!

AS you all know we have started the new years off with a focus on SELF. The self is a tool in which we realize who we are and who we want to be. I encourage you to share who you are in your sessions and please SAVE YOUR WORK! We will have a Bi-Annual Art Show in which you will be able to PRESENT ONLY work that you have completed in a session with My Voice Media Center, even videos. So, please send your work to, once you complete a project so I will know you completed it this quarter, thank you!

Send images of your artwork to as the year progresses, to help us stay organized!

Thank you, and don't forget to share on My Voice Media via FACEBOOK as well!

Here is an article about Artists sharing Positive messages:

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