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The Positive Nature of the Art and the Artist-

Updated: Apr 10, 2021


COVID-19's Response FROM ARTISTS knowing that no one really is going to know when it is over, until it's really over has spread across many countries, homes, and even to those that may have never been artists before. Opportunity arises out of the storm. We as artists have the ability to inspire, to create, to remind us of aesthetic valuing and present us with that art that surrounds us.

In looking for the responses directly we turn to our Sessions on Zoom, we turn to those familiar

faces, even if it is just to pick up art supplies and schedule our next art session at My Voice Media Center.

Looking back we have had two shut downs in total, and have re-opened twice. We prepare, and not yet rest completely before the doors have opened and shut. The heart of an artist using an art form as a tool must b strong. As a Mental Health Outreach we are thankful to be working with ZOOM and speak with our Participants frequently over the phone, even if they don't like ZOOMING, or just can't.




The idea is that we came together, the artist inside said this is a beautiful opportunity, a way for you to relax, and the creator and mindful participant agreed. Here are some examples of what My Voice Media Center Project has been "up-to" since our last shut down.

My Voice Media Center is a Mental Health outreach to and for Adults who have lived-experienced Mental Illness in their lives. We offer to our participants an array of FREE art Session ran by talented and educated Facilitators from Tulare County. We are based in Tulare County and we also provide Peer Support each wee to those participants that need help and support. No Stigma Speaker's Bureau is an organization to help participants tell their stories in the future of their time here at My Voice Media Center. We encourage them to practice the telling of their stories for NSSB, to be read for CIT, or training for Police Officers, Fire Departments, and hospitals. We exemplify the fact that My Voice Media Center is a great resource for those that need help developing skills and furthering their education in art and art media. We offer connections to CSET Volunteers as well, offering the Volunteer a way to jump into the work field having had some experience.

Please give the

Arts Consortium a call

and ask for My Voice Media Center, thank you!


Note: We need you to practice Social Distancing, wear a mask and we only can allow 5 participants at a time inside the building, 10 outside, if we are creating art outside.

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