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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Welcome to the start of something GRAND! Thank you to all of those who have participated in the PEER ART GALLERY. This is the beginning of a great thing. Along with creating a Gallery, I would like to introduce, "PORTFOLIO CONNECTIONS" a stem from our website and available for employers and PEERS to view. This is a part of our website that is designed for the Participant who is ready to show their work professionally and work on having a Presentable Portfolio.


1. Selection of work:

The following guidelines are to help you choose which of your favorite pieces to submit for your portfolio. These guidelines are also partially meant to help encourage the sale of your art.


Make sure that your work is creative. If you want to be funny, try to avoid popular jokes.


You use high quality materials and techniques to make your work. Items are beautiful, durable, and market ready.


Try to choose pieces that all either have something in common. This lets the viewer get a better idea of what you are wanting to express.


Your work is unique, honest, and unquestionably your own.


You can have high priced items and a very low priced items, but we recommend that the average price of your work would be affordable even to people who might just be looking. Keep in mind that the quality of your art materials will affect the value of your finished artwork, because the better quality materials will look like new for much much longer.

2. Presenting:

Presentation should be professional. This Presentation should include a Matte Board, specially cut in the correct dimensions for your frame. For example, if you have a 8 X 10 work, then the Matte will be 8X10, or larger and the Frame will be 8 X 10-the same as the edge of the Matte Board, once cut. These Dimensions: are usually 8 X 10, 11 X 14, 18 X 24 for example, and are already in one of these categories.

3. Photographing your work:

There is a correct way to photograph your work and when you are ready, we will conduct a Zoom Session on how to photograph your work, or you can do this with guidance at My Voice Media Center.

4. Headshot:

Stay tuned and Photographer M. Alvarez will be helping you take a headshot as soon as your work is ready to be displayed on the website. You will have your own name and a button for viewers to click on.

Please email with any questions, and/or a selection of works up to 10 and we will discuss the next steps. If you need help selecting your work, please email images of your work and we will discuss what you can do!




Guidelines: Ampelio Perez, My Voice Media Center, Arts Consortium; 2021; 1. Selection of Work

(Presenting is a part of the National Core Arts Standards and California Core Arts Standards.)

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