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Planning and Procedure for an INSTALLATION Project

Our triumphant Installation committee has been working hard on the final touches to the installation. An installation is much different than a sculpture, which can move around in a studio or workspace. An installation on the other hand is a much more in depth piece with its surroundings. The peice encompasses and includes the space all around it in some way.

Our installation itself has been through many stages, from brainstorming on Zoom Check-Ins and talking about a theme and title, to the final decisions to make it interactive. The Arts Consortium for the May Mental Health Month First Friday Video, My Voice Media Center will be featured as the artist.

The Installation Process included the following stages and steps:

  1. What is an Installation? Talking about installations on Zoom Check-Ins

2. A main use of a particular subject: balloons? umbrellas? and many other subject matters, including color were talked about

Step 1: Final Decision: Umbrellas

Step 2: Create a Committee of participants from My Voice Media Center to conduct agreements and design direction.


3. Participants chose a title. A Title: "Our World, Our Perspective"

4. The main projects of the installation were to be created by the 2D and 3D Art Session conducted over Zoom due to COVID restrictions from January 2021-March 2021.

5. The Main Projects:

Step 1: Raindrops: a design was made and the participants brought in about 5 raindrops each. The raindrops were added as a design element for the umbrellas, to help create the atmosphere of where umbrellas were normally seen in everyday life.

Step 2: Flowers: A participant came up with a design for flowers using simple materials. The flowers were made of coffee filters and blue-tape for making flower arrangements. The flowers were made as a representation of friendship, listening to how we feel, and learning that we are all different.

Step 3: THE UMBRELLAS: The umbrellas were taken outside when we first opened back up from COVID-19 regulations. The umbrellas were painted in acrylic paint and spray paint at the participant's own design. This was to involve the specially chosen title of "Our world, Our Perspective".

6. The Construction

Just like the flowers, not one umbrella is the same, we are all different.

Celebrate this construction of My Voice Media Center's very first installation project.

Options to enjoy:

  1. Please call if you would like to come in! it is very important that we keep the participant level to 5 participants at a time and newcomers will have to set up an appointment.

  2. If you are already a part of Photography, you will be able to use your Photography Session to take images.

  3. If you are part of the photo editing session you can edit your photos in this session!

  4. You can enjoy a version of this installation as a part of Arts Consortium's First Friday event for May 2021. May is Mental health Month, celebrate with us on YouTube! 5:30 on Arts Consortium's YouTube Channel.


President: Susan Leary

Vice-president: Sheila Ashford

Secretary: Vicki Leary

Construction Crew: Michael Koonce and Nelson Medina

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