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Photography and Branching Out

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The art of photography has fascinated many over the years. Now more than ever artists are able to branch out and use resources worldwide with the use of technology. Recently, My Voice Media Center celebrates the work of a participant that has been with the photography session for a long time. Currently she has two engagements displaying her work in Tulare County.

Photography is becoming more and more the eyes of the artist through the use of fast, digital technology.

Introducing Cathy, our peer at My Voice Media Center...

Cathy; 2021; presented at the January 21st March 5, 2022 show "Varied Impressions" at the Tulare Historical Museum

Becoming involved in your session at My Voice Media Center has its perks. Listening to ways in which you can display, present and even enter contests with your work is a great way to branch out in your community with your art.

Cathy has used the talent that she discovered here in the Photography session to reach out in her community to display her work at the Mavericks Coffee shop, with My Voice Media Center, Arts Consortium shows, and now at the Tulare County Historical museum.

About the Show

My Voice Media Center is so proud of Cathy for branching out on her own to Cafe 210, Brandon Mitchell, and My Voice Media Center, here in Visalia and NOW INTRODUCING her work to the Tulare Historical Museum!

Cathy's beautiful work is goin to be displayed at the museum beginning on January 21st through March 5, 2022. The Artist's reception if Friday, January 21st, 2022, from 5-7:PM at the Heritage Art Gallery.

Please click on this link to learn more:

Please go see her work and other work, supporting your peer and enjoying art!

Photography Session
Cathy at the Photography Session

About Photography

Our facilitator, Michael Alvarez, for the photography session is a talented and experienced individual. My Voice Media Center's Photography Session is beneficial to all artists with the use of new technology and the rise of communication through digital technology. The digital photographer has the ability to learn the basics of photography in this session and learn how to prepare and present work. The session outlines the basics of using digital photography and allows for an individual to begin at any level with a facilitator who is willing to work with your goals and vision to express yourself in real-world settings and on your own as a photographer.

Photography is used for many reasons in the new-digital world. The artist can be trained to take pictures of traditional art forms, learn how to take still life, landscapes, portraiture and many more including abstract photography. The basics of how to use a digital camera, and its accessories is an important part for these engagements of the artist. Please come join us on Thursdays from 10am-12pm.


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