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PEER SUPPORT at My Voice Media Center

Updated: Jun 14, 2021


We can offer each other all sorts of peer support through the arts and through our everyday interactions. We support each other and encourage the best qualities in each other in order to be successful in life (and in art).

In art we can support each other by attending each other's shows, listening during a session and encouraging self-advocacy in all that we wish to accomplish.

We are proud to announce the show of one of our participants Eva!

Participants met on a Friday at the Arts Consortium and continued on to the Brandon Mitchell Gallery in Visalia, CA, where they were able to see a fellow peer's work hanging and some of her family's work presented.

We support you Eva!

MVMC has many different sessions. We offer Video Editing, Photo Editing, Photography, Acrylic Painting, Pastels, and Guitar. Each session aims to integrate mental health tools and advocate for each participant both socially interactively and as individuals. We encourage the unique craft of individuals and the inventions of new ideas that come from creating, and connecting with peers. Or facilitators understand and use their own talents to help train the artistic side of each participant including recovery and wellness. The facilitators have been carefully selected for their own accomplishments and continued positive involvement in the My Voice Media Center's goals and directions for individuals who have lived-experienced mental health in their lives. We are guides for each other's wellness and recovery.

Guidance can be a gift, guidance can guide, and an advocate for our mental health can be the strength that we need.

In each journey there is a story, we help participants begin telling their story in the NSSB, No Stigma Speaker's Bureau Meeting. There is no time limit, no due date, but participants and staff work at beginning a draft of the story that they would share with professionals that are in direct contact to the mental health community. Doctors, teachers, policemen, recruits, and hospitals are just some of the many groups that their stories will be told to. They will share these stories to express the journey that led them to My Voice Media Center, and the journey transformation that has been accomplished thought their continued involvement with My Voice Media Center.

In this professional atmosphere, participants gain presentation skills and develop a pride and confidence for themselves.

You can still come and enjoy the Installation: "OUR WORLD< OUR PERSPECTIVE" every Thursday during May from 10-12 PM during the Photography Session as a participant, so come join us!

Stay tuned and READ THE BLOG for more events!


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