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Peers are INVITED to First Friday in August

Arts Consortium is hosting First Friday again on August 6th from 6-7PM...

All of My Voice media Center Peers are invited to First Friday this coming month of August. We are inviting our peers because of the special connections with wellness that this particular show may have for them.

At My Voice Media Center, we have a focus in wellness, recovery and resilience. In doing so we encourage and support this First Friday event's focus on "...Expression, Healing and Building Community". (see poster) Our sessions work with, and towards a well-being and mental health initiative, bridging parts of the arts communities and our peers to important tools. Our peers are able to be a part of the arts community through tools of expression in art sessions, where they strive to become involved with their own story of recovery, their own art journey.

Some of our sessions that involve wellness and recovery directly are NSSB, Peer Support, 2D and 3D art and a session called Art and Wellness. These, along with the practice of art as a tool in a participant's recovery is a great way to learn, connect and respond as the art journey continues. Sessions like Printmaking, Photography, Video Editing, Pastels, and Guitar are all very impressionistic in how to use tools of art like we use tools of recovery, and vice versa.

(Images: Ampelio P., Executive Director of the Arts Consotium joins 2D and 3D Art demonstrating a special technique and tool of layers in Acrylic Painting)

Specially chosen facilitators with art experience and real-world art experience are listening to each peer and their own special journey and helping peers to attain the right skills for them. In each session there are tones of different wellness tools, like relaxation and practicing art to develop skills at your own pace. The ideas of "...Expression, Healing and Building Community" are right down the MVMC alley of recovery. (see poster)

As we encourage peers to attend this First Friday keep in mind the connections of art to many of our own mental health tools.

See you there!



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