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Peer Artist - Susan

Susan created a collage poster of her photography in Photo Editing.

Susan has been with My Voice Media Center for about eight years. She is an amazing photographer and videographer. She also volunteers with CSET each month for My Voice Media Center helping around the Arts Consortium.

Susan is a participant at My Voice Media Center, a part of the Arts Consortium and supported in part by Tulare County Health and Human Services. MVMC offers free art sessions including traditional and new technology sessions like Photo and Video Editing.

Susan decided that she liked video editing when she discovered how enjoyable it was to put the video clips into the video editing program and "mix-n-match" clips until you are satisfied with your video. There is no one favorite part about the process she likes, she likes a little bit of everything.

Susan also excels in Photography and uses photography as a tool for wellness and recovery, and even in her videos. Her resilience is seen in her videos as well as her images. She stated, "I still like to learn a little bit more and show my work at the market someday and different art gallery's in town and help other people with their art, " when asked about her future plans for her work.

Susan has recently shown some of her work at Arts Visalia's Community Art Show, in September 2022.

Susan's Photography

Rawhide Baseball Game 2022; Photos by Susan

Photos from Phet's Photo and Video Editing Sessions - by Susan

Taste the Arts 2022; Photo by Susan Leary

Taste the Arts 2022; Photo by Susan Leary

Taste the Arts 2022; Photo by Susan Leary

Taste the Arts 2022; Photo by Susan Leary

\We would like to thank you Susan for being such a big part of My Voice Media Center and a resilient peer to your fellow peers. You are an important part of My Voice Media Center!

Thank you!

The Photo Editing Session meets Tuesdays from 11-12 PM and the video Editing Session meets from 12-2 PM on Fridays. Please join Susan and create art along your path of wellness and recovery. The ability to express yourself is a wonderful tool!


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