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Peer Artist: Nelson

Nelson has been with the My Voice Media Center for about Five years, He is also a CSET Volunteer.

Nelson amazes us with all of his beautiful artwork. He is not only a participant but is also a hard worker, A leader, and a good friend to everyone who comes in. When asked how he heard about MVMC He stated that he walked by and was curious about what we did.

Art Sessions

Nelson attends many sessions but he says his favorite is Painting because he likes learning about blending colors and about how to use different brushes. He says that The My Voice Media Center has helped him make friends and helps him bring out his natural talents and creativity. He stated "It's a great place to work on your mental health and be appreciated for all your hard work. People here feel heard and everyone's ideas bounce off one another". Nelson has learned a lot and likes having his art seen by others. He says it makes him feel good about himself.

Nelson has been recognized over the years for his accomplishments by Arts Consortium in their magazine, "Watermark". Watermark comes out each year and recognizes and introduces the community to many artists in the community. There is the cover art, and much more inside. Nelson was awarded "Breakout Artist of the Year" in the newest Watermark.

He has worked at his art, his wellness, and his resilience with My Voice Media Center and we hope that he will continue to grow with us!

Thank you, Nelson!!!


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