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Peer Artist: Nelson

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Welcome to the Peer artist that My Voice Media Center will post at various times. It is a part of our initiative to encourage participants to express themselves, their story and become part of the community in which they live. One of those participants, with high community and art values is Nelson. He has been at MVMC for about 2 years creating art.

The sessions that he enjoys most are Guitar, Printmaking, Video Editing, and 2D/3D Art, "where art has taken an advanced path in producing" and presenting works of art in a professional manner. He has had many influences in discovering the benefits of MVMC and seeking his own artistic journey. His influences began with CSET, Oscar from Visalia Adult Clinic, Anna Hernandez from Employment Connection and the facilitators at MVMC to name a few.

MVMC: How long have you been an artist?

"Since kindergarten" he focus his attention to "oval ellipses". He has been influenced by the Arts Consortium's Taste the Arts. Overall he has had to learn the difference between art in Mexico and the art of America. There is a "style and freedom" from the cultural art styles of Mexico. People create just to create, art for art's sake, making and building their homes from the ground up. The "culture-based" art in Mexico, like "side-street musicians" and big artist names that he has been influenced by and brings his talents and influences to MVMC with a great energy to create art.

MVMC: What is your favorite part about MVMC?

"Understanding that my art is accepted here, I can be myself here...different stages" of art and all levels are welcome. Participants are able to join any art session and be accepted at any level, wherever they are in their art journey. "like in Printmaking, ...the art detail" that goes into the art making process. "This is the first time dates have mattered in my art...people here take it a little further..they'll let you know...united as an artist."

MVMC: Thank you, so much Nelson, for being such an influential and wonderful peer artist at MVMC!

Nelson has sold a Printmaking work to a staff member last year and entered 5 acrylic paining works in MVMC's show with CAFE 210 in December and January. His work continues to grow and become better in focus, style, technique and one of the most important parts of art, patience. Nelson is part of this year's installation committee and helped the committee develop a name for the installation, "Tranquil Lennei Landmark" (Pronounced LEN-E-I). Recently he has been focusing on helping other in the Photo and Video Editing session on ZOOM.



Please visit Nelson's Portfolio Connections page:

Thank you Nelson!


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