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Peer Art Gallery Appreciates Corine

Corine has been coming to the My Voice Media Center for almost a year. She enjoys painting, cooking, sewing, and horticulture. She is also an animal activist and fosters kittens for adoption.

At My Voice Media Center, Corine is an amazing person as well, she enjoyed learning video editing as her introductory session here. She then moved into Painting with Heidi Steinman, and 2D and 3D Art with Olivia Garza, our Peer Support Specialist.

Corine first came to My Voice Media Center and shared some of her photography talents with us. Corine was part of Arts Visalia's community Art Show in September 2022.

Corine is very kind and friendly with everyone she is also very talented in art. The My Voice Media Centers No Stigma Speakers Bureau is excited to have her on our team. Corine is a joy to be around and has an amazing story to be told. MVMC Thanks Corine for all her hard work and kindness.

Corine; Painting; Corine and Olivia, Peer Support Specialist

Corine, like many participants, uses My Voice Media Center as a tool for their wellness and recovery. At MVMC we are able to express ourselves and practice the tools we find in mental health along with those found in art and self-expression.

We are lucky to have participants like Corine, a great example to others on how to benefit from our project! The project allows participants a place to stay on the path of wellness and recovery using various forms and mediums of art, peer support, and much, much more!

Thank you, Corine!!!


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