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Painting with COS

The famous "Stress Relief" project has hit the road. The Stress Relief Project went all the way to College of the Sequoias this month!

Our Peer Support Specialist, the creator of the Stress Relief Project worked hard to bring this project right to the campus courtyard all day in October 2022.

As we go about our everyday lives and our duties and responsibilities move forward, we are faced with the idea of "Stress Relief". In the project, peers from all over COS campus, here in Visalia, CA, were able to stop what they were doing that day and put on an apron and paint, right, there, on the spot!

After the canvas is painted in a solid color, the paintings are created from everyday objects like, a fly swatter, sponges, toilet brushes, dog toys, rope, and other objects that make marks on the canvas. The important thing was to be thinking about relieving some of the stress that one feels throughout the day and just paint!

In this way, the peers, students and others were able to thrown objects and paint at the canvas, creating some very nice designs and textures, while taking it easy in the courtyard...

Check out the Gallery!

Participants at the Stress Relief Project Booth at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA

Our Peer Support Specialist, the creator of the Stress Relief Project, and Kathy!


Thank you COS for letting us participate in this event! See you next time!




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