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NSSB and the CIT Training

No Stigma Speaker's Bureau, or NSSB is proud to announce its first CIT Training in quite some time. During the pandemic speaking in public, well, was a hard thing to do. Zoom allows only one person and not everyone had time to set up Zoom conferences and had to continue on without having meetings like NSSB would have liked. NSSB didn't stop there. We practiced via Zoom and reached out to organizations during places like the Wellness meeting on Zoom and kept asking about the possible outreach to organizations.

Thank you to those of you who presented your stories, and don't forget worked really hard on editing them and getting ready to present. Presenting with My Voice Media Center can be a great educational tool for the community. For participants it can be a great public speaking opportunity giving you much experience, self confidence and well worth the effort.


Not soon after the second shut down, organizations were asking about our NSSB program and when we would be ready. 3 participants specifically became ready to present after practicing hard, even recording a session on Zoom.

A CIT Training arose for My Voice Media Center, as a whole, including a tour of our site. We thought that this would be a great opportunity to present the NSSB stories by any of the participants who had been working so hard.

Thank you so much to our peers and staff who worked so hard to make this CIT Training an educational opportunity and experience first-hand My Voice Media Center and the NO Stigma Speaker's Bureau!

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