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New Years Journaling

by Halonnah Hope Kay, Project Coordinator

Bringing in the New Year can be a big responsibility and exciting time. As each year passes, we grow and change during that time. Now is the time to reflect upon the passing year, 2020, and move onto the next, 2021.

2020 has brought a lot of new things, challenges and trying times in all of our lives. We all also have separate lives of our own in which we have accomplished, and may still have goals set aside for them in 2021.

JOURNALING through the NEW YEAR will bring peace to your thoughts. I encourage you to use this time to journal about your plans and excite yourself about the possibilities that this coming year could have in store.


If you need help,, is a great article that offers journal prompts for the new years to get you started.

Here is one from me, "I can only change myself, I cannot change others, so I am going to practice the following this year to become more organized..." and just fill up the page in a brainstorm of the coming New Year! Have Fun and share your responses if you would like, on our My Voice Media Center Facebook page!

Happy New Years, be well and be safe!

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