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New Facilitators at MVMC

Hi everyone! I would like to first off thank all of our facilitators for working so hard and putting so much of their energy and time into the amazing session at My Voice Media Center. There had been some amazing artwork, video and much more at MVMC this past year.

Amongst the changes we have experienced recently, we have begun a couple of new sessions worth mentioning...

Please Welcome...Heidi Steinman and Bronson Combs as our new facilitators of Drawing and Acrylics.

The Drawing session, facilitated by Bronson is a session based on your needs as an artist, all levels of drawing are welcome. Learning the basics and learning new techniques in drawing can help any artist along their journey in design and composition.

The Acrylics session is facilitated by Heidi, the artist who completed the newest "VISALIA" mural in downtown Visalia. She is an accomplished artist who is excited to be sharing her talents and techniques with the My Voice Media Center Thursday mornings.

My Voice Media Center is so excited to have both of you!

Drawing with Bronson:

The Drawing Session...Wednesdays from 10AM - 12PM

Acrylics with Heidi:

The Acrylics Session...Thursdays from 10AM - 12PM

Please join My Voice media Center in welcoming these two new facilitators and visit us soon!


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