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MVMC Thanks Joe

Joe has been a member of the My Voice Media Center for about a year. He is such a nice guy and friend to everyone. He says that he was sitting outside when Ampelio told him what we do here. He came back the very next day and has been coming ever since.

An Art Teacher

Joe was once an assistant Art Teacher, he says his favorite type of art is abstract and realism. he doesn't have a favorite session he likes all of them because he says they allow him to be creative and express himself. Joe has made many friends here and has learned how to work well with others.

An Interview with Joe

Joe stated, " My talent and sketching have developed and have allowed me to see my artwork more clearly."

"Also, the drawing session with Bronson has really allowed me to see more in detail what I am sketching or drawing. MVMC has really helped open up my mind and advance in my artwork. "

Thank you, Joe, for being such a great part of My Voice Media Center!


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