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MVMC's Trip to the Getty!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021


This week's blog focuses on the trip planned by the Art and Wellness Session at My Voice Media center. The trip has been a long awaited journey to a museum with staff and peers alike! There's. a catch however, the staff and participants going on the trip have worked very hard to get there.

In planning the trip, My Voice Media Center is proud to have the Art and Wellness Session, in charge of representing large activities, like visiting a museum. The session has also been the planners fo the large installation project in March-April 2021 for Mental health Awareness month and to also be My Voice Media Center's first installation project.

We hope to continue planning trips, making installations and discussing valuable art and wellness tools in the art and Wellness Sessions.

Please email for the link to join on Thursdays from 2-3PM!

Photos by Hope, Project Coordinator; November 6, 2021, Nikon D5300

Thank you to all of you who participate in Art and Wellness!

Please visit the Arts Consortium for First Friday information!


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