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MVMC Appreciates Sheila

The My Voice Media Center Thanks Sheila for all her hard work and for always being a positive person and friend to everyone here at the center. Sheila has been a participant in the MVMC for about four years.


Sheila always helps out and brings a smile to our faces. She says that MVMC has helped her become more understanding and sensitive. but the biggest way it has helped is by making her like herself again. Shelia attends Guitar, Print Making, 2-d 3-d art, Drawing, and Painting. She is a member of the No Stigma Speakers Bureau where she tells her story of wellness and recovery and helps give others Hope. Sheila has come a long way, before taking guitar and NSSB she suffered from stage fright. Now she performs at barrel houses and open mics.


Not only does she sing but she also writes her own music. Original music is something we encourage guitarists to do. The courage to play the guitar is something Sheila has conquered along with the ability to perform in front of a crowd. Sheila often performs at Barrel House with the help of our guitar facilitator, Thomas Fetch. Thomas works with all different levels of instruction. He has helped Sheila build up confidence, work on barre chords, and

Some of Sheila's music:

In the middle (original)

Breathe ( original)

Bridges( original)

No silence( NSSB Song)

Something in the Sky (original)

Unbroken( original)

Angel (original )

From top left to right: Guitar, No Stigma Speakers Bureau, 2D and 3D Art (2), No Stigma Speakers Bureau, Art Activity, Peer Support, 2D and 3D Art


How long have you been with MVMC?

I just walked in. "Curiosity didn't kill the cat this time."

What is your favorite part about MVMC?

It has taught me a lot about myself, a much calmer person. It helped me to be more understanding and sensitive and help other people. The best I can, the biggest thing, it helped me actually like myself.

What sessions are you involved in?

Guitar, my focus is music, printmaking, 2D and 3D Art, drawing for focus, painting for fun, and the No Stigma Speakers Bureau. I like to volunteer, as well.

What would be your advice for a participant thinking about joining a session?

First, take personal inventory with someone or without. Share what both, good and bad, about your life. Everyone can understand and you will reach those people that have. Gets you out of hiding and helps you find who you are, less afraid of your illness.

You have had a lot of accomplishments in the guitar session, what helped break the ice when it comes to performing?

It wasn't a break-it kind of thing, but a good mentor seeing potential. Knowing you have stage fright and being thrown on stage.

The No Stigma Speakers Bureau presentations helped. I can get up there and say it.

Advice to the Newcomer:

Her advice to newcomers walking threw the MVMC Doors for the first time is if you are shy bring a friend find a session that you enjoy and explore your talents. You will make friends, and learn to react differently than you did before.


Sheila has been a big part of the installation projects for 2021 - 2022. There was a peer-made committee that she diligently attended and gave so much helpful advice and help coordinate the art making process for these projects.

Sheila has also been the winner of the No Stigma Speakers Bureau and My Voice Media Center t-shirt contest two years in a row. The amazing part is that Sheila didn't stop there, she helped print some of the t-shirts here in the Printmaking session and sell them to staff and participants!

Installation 2022; "Tranquil Lennei Landmark"




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