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Mental Health Awareness Month

There is a lot going on in the Mental Health Community this MAY 2022!

May is mental health awareness month, as many of you know already. My Voice Media Center is a big part of the community's mental health outreach system. We currently are featured in Art's Consortium's show in May each year with the title "Expressions of Wellness and Recovery". Last year, while still in transitions from the COVID-19 pandemic, our peers still created art. The installation committee was created in Jan 2021-April 2021, and ready for May, Mental Health Awareness Month last year.

This year the annual installation committee worked on "Tranquil Lennei Landmark", an installation that celebrates refreshing growth through the peer's interactions and expressions. The peer -made committee worked very hard on this year's installation, having many ideas present themselves starting back in Jan 2022. The presentation of the installation by the committee will be from 5-6PM the night of our Open Mic for May at the Arts consortium. The peer-made committee will start next years installation in Jan 2023.


There are many other local organizations that team up to create an annual event at the park in Visalia each year. This year's "Friends and Family Fair" is going to be filled with food, fun and of course, friends and family. My Voice Media Center will be a part of this event on May 26th from 11-2PM and invite all of our peers, and their friends and family to join in our Open Mic booth.

The wellness centers in Visalia and Porterville regularly send out a calendar to us for their events and activities.

There are many outreaches and online I have found that Connecting with Others | Mental Health America (; is a great site for learning more about mental health, using helpful resources, and even taking a test for your mental health. There is also an opportunity to connect and learn Mental Helath First Aid through the following site:

My Voice Media Center is a mental health outreach, as well. We offer free art, music and peer support sessions to adults who have lived-experienced mental health struggles in their lives and for their direct family and friends. I encourage all of you who are curious about art and receiving support in self-expression to try us out, try using art and mediums to help express yourself throughout your wellness and recovery, supporting your resilience.

The Mental Health Board meeting will be in session May 3rd from 3-5:30 PM at The Professional Development Center, 4031 W Noble Ave. The meeting will be held upstairs and NOT on ZOOM this month.

Please visit us at 808 N Court St, Visalia, CA, at our upcoming "Expressions of Wellness and Recovery", Open Mic and open house night hosted by Arts Consortium from 5-8PM!

Our normal business hours are TUES - FRI 10AM - 3PM. Please come and ring our doorbell for assistance and we will do our best to get you enrolled in the My Voice Media Center Project at Arts Consortium!


Email: with any questions or concerns, thank you!

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