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What is the MHAM (Mental Health Awareness Month) Video?

Updated: May 1, 2021

Stay Tuned for the MHAM 2021 Video.

My Voice Media Center has participated in creating a video for May, Mental Health Month each year, entitled "MHAM". This video is intended to create an atmosphere in wellness and recovery, as well as the participant's through mental health and the expression of the arts. Together we create a video that will be released in May for the No Stigma attitude that is due to mental health.

At My Voice Media Center, located in the Art's Consortium, we encourage participants to write their stories for the No Stigma Speaker's Bureau, express in the visual arts, including Videography. Videography is a great opportunity for the expression of visual arts in both presenting and creating. In the videography session with, Phet Kamsaysoury, participants can respond and connect the tools they needed to create video live on ZOOM.

For the Mayhem video we have designated 6 areas of Mental Health, Recovery and Wellness that are important to all of our participants and staff. These excerpts were written by My Voice Media Center's Peer Support Specialist, Olivia Garza. While participants read these on camera, they were filmed by other participants. In the direction of the Facilitator, Phet Kamsaysoury,


(Written by: Olivia Garza)


It is important to be there and listen especially to someone in crisis. Feeling listened to helps people know they are not alone and that what they are feeling matters.


Supporting someone in their time of need and letting them know you are there in good times and bad can help save their life.


Being able to connect with someone and having fun is important is mental health. Sometimes we need to put aside out worries and find joy in the little things. Having a friend can make life easier.


Family isn't just blood relatives, family are people who love you and who know the real you. They are there and only want to see you succeed and be happy. True friends become family.


Once you accept you have an illness rather it be physical or mental, you can begin to work on yourself. It is good to know what triggers you and what works best for you and your recovery.


Attending a support group and being around others who are similar to you and understand what you are going through, can really help. Knowing that you have people to talk with especially when you're not doin well can help the bad days go by and keep us looking forward to better ones.

Stay tuned for the MAYHEM VIDEO 2021!

If you would like to participate in the editing process please call My Voice Media Center (559)802-3266


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