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May, Mental Health Awareness Month, 2022

MVMC would like to thank all of you that worked so hard on making May, Mental Health Awareness Month a busy and wonderful experience for our mental health community. There are so many to thank and so many pictures!

We would like to start of thanking My Voice Media Center employees, facilitators, and peer support for continuing to educate, create resilience, and maintain a safe center for peers to communicate and express themselves in the Arts.

The installation, a peer-made committee made assignment was a success at Arts Consortium's F1rst Friday event on May 6th. Thank you to Pine Recovery in Visalia, CA for helping with some of the special supplies needed to construct this work of art. Thank you Phet for all of your hardwork in Photo and Video Editing for this event.

Committee: Sheila - President, Susan - Vice-President, Nelson - Secretary, Construction and Inspiration Crew - Micky, Anthony, Johnny, Joe

MVMC also hosted an open mic event that night at the Oval Park, where we are located. MVMc would like to thank Thomas and Ampelio for helping with the equipment and the sound for this event.

There were so many that made this event fantastic with performances from Pine Recovery, from staff, and from peers all over the county. Thank you for singing and performing your talents with us!

Hope; Project Coordinator Photos; May 2022

MVMC also would like to thank ALL of the organizations, and Tulare County Health and Human Services for helping to put together such an awesome month!

There were so many events all over Tulare County that MVMC was only able to go and support a few:

May 10th - "Grab N' Go" at the Tulare County Library, Visalia, CA

May 13th - (6) Participants enjoy tickets to the Visalia Rawhide's winning baseball game against Fresno

May 24th - Open House at the Visalia Wellness Center

May 25th 0 Open house at Visalia Youth Services

May 26th - "Friends and Family Fair" Mooney's Grove Park

Peer Artist: Susan; Photo Editing; "Friends and Family Fair" May 2022

Hope; Project Coordinator Photos; May 2022

Thank you everyone for such an eventful Mental Health Awareness Month 2022!

See you next year!


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