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March Wellness Check!

Hello, everyone! I am so glad the sun is starting to shine, the flowers have bloomed and the seasons are changing. With a little more rain we will soon have even more new flowers in April! It seems to be true every year, "April Showers bring May flowers!"

The month of March is going quickly, but before it's gone I would like to appreciate, Sleep Awareness week happening this week!

There are all sorts of good ways to get rest and relaxation, but the most important thing is to find time, and even make time to do so to avoid any types of burnout.

March brings a lot of pollen from the flowers and the changing weather can also affect us and our mood. Make sure to bring a sweater, something warm, wherever you go this month and next to avoid getting the chills.

What does MVMC do for Wellness?

Peer Support is one of our most special sessions, in which peers are able to talk one on one with our peer support specialist. All of our sessions are focused on wellness, recovery and resiliency in which we encourage participants to be on their path of wellness and recovery and aid them in their journey.

Cathy and Olivia at December 2022 Open House at MVMC

Cathy Presenting at December 2022 Open House at MVMC

Our other peer support session is our public speaking session, NSSB, also known as the "No Stigma Speaker's Bureau". These participants are able to tell their story in a public setting so that others in the community can benefit from them. The NSSB session has been practicing, editing and fine tuning their stories for particular groups in the community upon request, and for speaking engagements like the "every-other-month" CIT Training, or Crisis Intervention Training for Correctional Officers in Tulare County.

Hope and Sheila at December 2022 Open House at MVMC

March is also well known for people who where GREEN on St. Patrick's day!

My Voice Media Center is known for it's art that sometimes relates to holidays, too!

Nelson; March 2022; Printmaking Print with Francisco Alonso

Please contact Hope at (559)772-0001 Arts Consortium's My Voice Media Center's Project Coordinator for more information on becoming a participant.

Visit the NSSB session on FACEBOOK

Visit My Voice Media Center on FACEBOOK

March 2022; by My Voice Media Center at Arts Consortium


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