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Majestically Wear Green

The countdown is over, St. Patricks day is tomorrow! Post it on your fridge, put a note in your pocket, but don't forget to wear green tomorrow!

In art, there are many ways we can use the color green for our wellness and for opportunities to create works that courageously use this color.

Color Psychology of Green:

Color Psychology of Green
Verywell / Cindy Chung;

In the article by Kendra Cherry, green is a very vibrant color full of life, nature and even luck! The color green has many iconic associations, like money, wealth, but also nature and living. So feel bright and cheery as you celebrate this color, feel at ease knowing there is life all around.

Cherry describes the color green to be calming, motivating, and optimistic.

Please check out the article for more information on the color green and wellness!

How do I use the color green in my digital art?

Using hues of green in an artwork is called monochromatic. The use of one color in many different ways in order to show value and form is common in digital art and

Adobe Creative Cloud offers many tutorials and information on how to use Photoshop.

The article, "Use color, Learn how to work with brushes and color in Adobe Photoshop" it goes on to explain how to change and add color to your work using 3 different ways to handle the many colors of Photoshop.

  1. Using the brush tool is the easiest way to add paint to your digital canvas and photography. You can add a separate layer in the Layers panel if you don't want to destruct your original work.

  2. Using the color picker you can select a specific color in the image or art that you want to change the hue of. Using the Layers panel copy and paste your selection from the "Selective Color" adjustment layer and add another layer to adjust the hue (The hue adjustment layer).

  3. If you want to pick a specific color for the brush, use the color picker. Double-click the small swatch of color in your toolbar and type in the exact color, such as the color of the month, Royal Green: #094507 is also an easy way to create and edit photos and paint in a similar program, FREE, online.

Join one of our sessions to discover what you can do with color and create a journey through art for your wellness.

Photo and Video Editing session creates from a Shamrock!




REMINDER: Royal Green is the color of the month!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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