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Majestic March

This march we will incorporate Royal Green into our palette as we celebrate St. Patrick's day this month...

Most people have heard of the color Royal Blue, but have you heard of the color Royal Green?

This month we celebrate the incorporation of Royal Green into your art and of course on St. Patrick's Day.

What kind of art can we make with the color green?

It seems as though everyone has a unique celebration for St. Patrick's day. And there are many different types of art that use green!


Heidi Steinman's session Thursdays from 10-12 PM

We would like to thank Heidi Steinman for bringing us fresh flowers for the painting session this past Thursday! Beautiful!

Here is one from Behance:

Artist: Vaisakh J Nair Kochi, India; Behance by Adobe Creative Cloud

The artist Vaisakh J Nair Kochi uses graphic design to create a contrast between variations of green, contrasted with a pink sun. Graphic design sometimes uses general shapes and colors to describe and communicate elements of a scene. The pink sun represents the sunset and the motorcycle is backlit, on top of the sun. There is a tree blending into the cliff and the motorcycle so these descriptive lines represent the scene in one simple shape. The motorcycle itself is accented with a lighter green than the entire scene and a little red and yellow light. The accents draw the viewer into the motorcycle being the center and focus of the scene.

Peer Art Gallery:

Each month participants and sessions are recognized in the Peer Art Gallery. The Gallery showcases work that has been done at the My Voice Media Center. This month, we had a few more pieces that weren't mentioned above or in another blog that help us celebrate Majestic March!

Thank you!


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