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Magic March (cont.)

Checking in, we are having a magical month at My Voice Media Center. There is a lot to feel good about this month, it is National Optimism Month, and we have more magical days ahead!

Today is National Write Your Story Day, and this represents a lot of what the No Stigma Speakers Bureau does by sharing their stories throughout Tulare County. Their stories are important and share with others first-hand experiences and success stories.

Impactful and inspiring the NSSB stories are carefully written, edited, and practiced before their presentations.

Feeling Optimistic about Art and Mental Health

This month the No Stigma Speakers Bureau finishes filming for the MHSA Community Outreach Team's video "Untangling Roots, Cultivating Wellness and Recovery".

The participants, Sheila, Theodora, Susan, Olivia, and Corrine were filmed doing something they love doing, something that helps them with their mental health every day. They were also interviewed right here in the courtyard at the Arts Consortium.

Filming Gallery:

Olivia and the film crew

Theodora, Jeffery, Sheila

Thank you so much to those who chose to participate in this educational session, NSSB. We are grateful and know that your stories are influential and inspiring and help others learn about mental health. How to reduce the stigma of mental health is also an important part of their stories, being an example to others that success and happiness are possible.

Thank you so much to the film crew as well from the MHSA Community Outreach team: Jeffery, Jannelle, Mike, Christopher, and Tino!

With this optimism, the participants also answer questions that many may have, educating them on mental health from a first-hand point of view.

Look out for the MHSA video, published in part by the Health and Human Services Agency, in MAY 2024, and remember May is Mental Health Month!


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