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"Luck of the Artist"; Artististic ways to "stay" LUCKY!

Whether it is Maniki Neko Cats from Japan, and many, many other ways to stay lucky year round, or just wearing green on St. Patrick'd Day, there are countless ways to bring luck into your life as an artist.

Artist's capabilities to produce and make art is one way we all stay lucky. Take the Maniki Neko Cats for an artist's way of life and look into the particulars of making and producing them on a large scale:

There are all types of objects that bring luck as well, animals and places in nature where people find solace and completeness. Being a mindful participant in life and it's participation, like My Voice Media Center, is a great way to develop a way of life and luck for yourself.

In support of the Mental Illness way-of life and luck we gave participants "Luck of the Artist" Comfort Kits this month. Wellness Centers around Tulare County often give out Participant Packets filled with things to bring the Participant Peace of Mind and Wellness. My Voice Media Center often send home kits for Art Sessions and wellness, warm and comfort packets for this month's theme, "Luck of the Artist"!

What endeavors has My Voice Media Center been up to? and How does that bring us LUCK?!

In making art on a regular basis in Art Sessions, an artist brings themselves luck by looking ahead, learning new skills each Session and creating a social environment for showing their art in portfolios and other places like galleries and contests. (These can be contests and other art galleries....#Free Art Contests, #Visit an Art Gallery)

Francisco Alonso has been taking Participants through art history, gallery visits and creating with them a bit of luck and art. He includes an Art Session that is filled with Art ideas from Art History, even the Egyptian styles of drawing

There are many other ways along with Egyptian Symbolic methods that can bring us luck and fortune as an Artist. SIMPLE PRACTICE is the best way. Practice in your Sessions and practice on your own!

(Pictures from Zoom Sessions: 1. Work by Olivia Garza on Zoom,2. Participant on Zoom; Vicki Leary; 3. Participant Work; Michael Koonce, 4. Clay Works; Olivia Garza)

(Pictured from My Voice Media Center: 1. Participant on Zoom: Michael Koonce, 2. "Luck of the Artist" this month in our Gallery and we are Celebrating our very First Show!- Featured: Trish Greenfield, 3. Shiela A, A Participant completes her "House your State of Mind", Clay Projects from Olivia Garza's 3D Art Session on ZOOM, 4. Olivia Garza, "House your State of Mind" Zoom Session, 5. Kelli Doti, Participant, on Rebecca Haigh's First ZOOM SESSION of Acrylic Painting, 6. Michael Koonce, Sharing Art on Zoom-Participant, 7. Eva Nicholson, Participant-May Luck bring you all ART, and ART bring you Luck!)


In the process and steps we take each time we create something, we teach ourselves how to bring our selves art and therefore, LUCK. We make so much art, and we practice, and then others are inclined to speak about our work and our art, even buy, or show it in a Gallery.

Our Peer Art Gallery:

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