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Looking Forward: A Museum Trip for Wellness

In November, My Voice Media Center is planning a trip through the help of the Art and Wellness session. You may have heard this and wondered what a museum could do for you.

In the Art and Wellness session MVMC is talking about just that. Why a museum is beneficial to your wellness and recovery is important if you are planning on attending this trip.

We have created a stipulation that peers join in on planning by attending the Art and Wellness session at least 3 times, and create a wellness worksheet.

The trip will be to the Getty in Los Angeles:

The worksheet can be printed or you can set up a session with the Project Coordinator, Hope who runs the session. There will be 1-2 worksheets completed per session in order to save time for our regular check-ins, art topics and mental health worksheets that we discuss on a ZOOM platform.

The following article was found by the previous committee president for our large installation project, Susan and the Project Coordinator:

In this article we learned that we are not alone in thinking about our wellness and benefits that a museum can have on our mental health. In researching the topic of finding and selecting a museum, it was decided that the project should envelop and include everyone at My Voice Media Center in some way, so we designed a stipulation to attend the trip.

Remember the joy in helping to plan the trip will benefit all of your peers, create a safe environment in which we are looking out for each other and make the experience of visiting a beautiful place like a museum exciting and inspiring. WE strive to inspire each other, support wellness and resilience and we want to be prepared most of all.

The Getty's 2 Locations:

At the Getty in Los Angeles, there are two main sites in which patrons may visit. One has a focus on architecture, fine art, and the famous gardens: Getty Center. The second site is called the Getty Villa. At the Getty main building, the one with the gardens, patrons are able to experience the exhibitions and also their library in which holds rare opportunity to look at and read many books and discover many resources. The art section in this library is guaranteed to be much larger than your local library.

To visit: The opportunity and excitement is in discussion at the Art and Wellness Session and your Project Coordinator, Hope at My Voice Media Center. So come join in the fun of planning and envisioning yourself in a museum, Thursdays at 2-3PM. Request the ZOOM Link now and call us as soon as possible.:

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