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LOFTS Memorial Bench

Participants meet in the Arts Consortium's gallery to discuss a memorial bench made for a resident who passed away in December 2023. The resident has family and the family has agreed to let Self-Help Enterprises collaborate with the artists at My Voice Media Center Project to create a mosaic on a bench.

The mosaic will be fashioned to represent the resident, her family, and her memory here at the LOFTS of Fort Visalia.

As a few selected participants of the My Voice Media Center Project look at materials and designs, the plan is getting further along.

Peer Support:

As the participants agreed to meet on Wednesday, January 7th, 2024, they discussed the elements and materials available for the project.

The bench will be placed in the courtyard at the lofts for all to see!

My Voice Media Center's Peer Support Specialist, Olivia Garza conducted the meeting with the four artists. She helped them propose designs and work together on a solid plan.

We are all very excited to see the group's work and look forward to the memorial being an artwork for all to enjoy. The progress for the public work will be announced as time moves on.

Stay tuned...

Thank you to Olivia, Corrine, Sheila, Mike, and Joe for all of your hard work!


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